Welcome to the musical part of my mind...
defconx Welcome to defconxmusic.com.  This site has been put together to share my music with friends and also to maintain an archive of the history and progression of my music making.  I have always had a deep love and passion for music.  There are specific genres I am particularly drawn to, however I enjoy all types of music.

When I began to learn about using computers, software, and hardware to compose music, it was the marriage of two of my passions, technology and music.  I spend most of my free time composing and producing original music.  These pieces will be shared here.  The two programs I use the most are Propellerhead's Reason and ableton Live.  For the past several years, I have been diving into learning about sound production and music theory.  I enjoy working with synths to create new and original sounds.

The act of creating music is very rewarding to me.  My music is not produced for commercial reason, it is produced for the enjoyment I derive.

Enjoy, defconx

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Screenshot of Propellerheads Reason micromix
Screenshot of Propellerheads Reason remix

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