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studio thumbnail Construction of My Studio Workstation Desk
I wanted to put together a place where I could work on my music.  A dedicated area that would be organized and fit my workflow.  I spent several months thinking about what I wanted.  I looked online to see what was available.  I took "virtual studio tours  to try to get some ideas.  I looked at workstation manufacturers.  Finally, I drafted up some plans for what I wanted, and went off to the local hardware store to buy materials.

The follow pictures show the progression spanning several months.  Due to time constraints, I was only able to work on it a few hours a week.  Many of those hours were spent in redesign, trying new ideas, planning how to integrate new things I had seen.  It certainly wasn't an efficient process... but it was exactly the process I wanted.  In addition to wanting a space to house my kit, I wanted a project that I could work on with my hands and allow to evolve creatively.  I am pretty excited because I have reached a point where the desk is usable.

Everything you see here started as flat wood.  The racks (black cabinets) were all fabricated and built by me.  I was very pleased with how they turned out.  On the whole, I am please with this project to date, and look forward to adding to it.

In the werx: I still need to finish the bottom two cabinets (which hold the thing up).  I also plan on adding a cable routing system, integrated electric, integrated usb and firewire, some sliding spaces to hold additional gear, and anything else my brain conjures up.
Screenshot of Propellerheads Reason micromix
Screenshot of Propellerheads Reason remix

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